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The following information is provided for candidates interested in the Strategic Analyst position within the Center for Career Development at the University of Notre Dame.

The Strategic Analyst is part of an seven member Operations and Event Services Team within the Center for Career Development.  This position reports to the Associate Director of Operations and Event Services.  The team is responsible for the management of overall operations for the Center for Career Development, as well as coordination of technology, data analysis, special events and marketing and communication. 

This role will work collaborative to fulfill the Center's Mission & Vision:

  • Mission: The Center for Career Development prepares students for lifelong career readiness through innovative and tailored programs, services, and strategic partnerships.
  • Vision: Empowering students to discern, discover, and pursue meaningful careers to be a force for good in the world.

Position Overview

The Center for Career Development prepares students for lifelong career readiness through innovative and tailored programs, services, and strategic partnerships. .

The Strategic Analyst is responsible for managing the Center for Career Development's overall effort related to data collection, analysis, and reporting. The Strategic Analyst supports all data-related functions for the four departments in the Center (Operations and Event Services, Employer Engagement, Undergraduate Career Services, and Graduate Career Services).  Key areas of data collection and analysis include First Destination Survey data, career pathways, satisfaction surveys, employer outreach, and student outreach efforts. 

Additionally, the Strategic Analyst serves as a central resource for the Center's use of various technologies, as well as the Center's expert on use of Qualtrics, Tableau, and other data-based technologies. The Strategic Analyst monitors and provides updates related to the Center's strategic plan.  The Strategic Analyst also oversees a team of student employees responsible for annual benchmark research of peer institutions and services provided. 

Specific Details

  • DATA COLLECTION, MAINTENANCE, ANALYSIS, AND REPORTING: Collaborate with OSPIR, OIT, Career Development staff, faculty, and other campus partners to effectively collect data through a variety of means. Serve as the Center's data steward, responsible for maintaining the integrity of data collection and use, consistent with University policies and procedures, and validating data that is to be shared with others. Analyze data that has been collected and report to various constituencies on topics of interest (first destination, trends, satisfaction, employer outreach, student outreach, etc.).  Interpret data and draw conclusions to improve services. Collaborate with Center staff to create annual and ad-hoc data-rich reports for entities including senior leadership of the university, deans, faculty, staff, advisory councils, employers, and others. Implement solutions to make data available in efficient manners consistent with the University's overall efforts, including publishing data to

  • TECHNOLOGY RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Serve as a central resource for the Center's use of data-based technologies. Provide oversight for the Center's use of software systems (including, but not limited to Go IRISH, Acuity, Tableau, Qualtrics, and EMS) to ensure data is collected efficiently and maintained accurately. Review system updates and work closely with the Student Affairs IT distributed services staff to ensure updates and appropriate support are provided to Center staff for technologies. Coordinate the Center's review of new technologies presented by vendors. 

  • STRATEGIC PLAN MONITORING AND REPORTING: Monitor the Center's progress on its strategic plan through analysis of metrics and data, as well as reporting on key milestones.

  • WEBSITE MAINTENANCE: Collaborate with the Marketing and Communications Program Manager and other Career Development staff across 4 departments to maintain content on the Center's website, particularly areas related to data and analytics.

  • BENCHMARK RESEARCH, INCLUDING STUDENT EMPLOYEE SUPERVISION: Conduct annual and ad-hoc benchmark research on topics of interest to Career Development staff, particulalry related to services and communication efforts. Supervise a team of student employees responsible for conducting benchmark research of other universitites (first destination data, services provided by career services offices, etc.). Facilitate and prioritize projects and tasks and oversee directives, concerns and scheduling. 

  • OTHER DUTIES, AS ASSIGNED: Support other members of the Career Development team with presence on-site at major programs (career fairs, networking events, and receptions). Perform other duties as assigned by the Career Development Leadership Team to ensure the success of the Center, the University, students, and other stakeholders.  

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