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We welcome guests to the Meruelo Family Center for Career Development on the 5th floor of Duncan Student Center.

Our staff work collaboratively across five teams:

  • Strategic Initiatives (south suite, 504 Duncan Student Center)
  • Operations and Event Services (south suite, 504 Duncan Student Center
  • Employer and Regional Engagement (south suite, 504 Duncan Student Center)
  • Undergraduate Career Services¬†(south suite, 504 Duncan Student Center)
  • Graduate Career Services¬†(north suite, 528 Duncan Student Center)

Additionally, the Mendoza College of Business Graduate Business Career Services is co-located in the Center in the north suite, 528 Duncan Student Center.

General questions can be directed to or by calling 574-631-5200.

Administration and Strategy


Strategic Initiatives

Operations and Event Services

Operations and Event Services

Employer and Regional Engagement

Employer Engagement

Regional Engagement

Graduate Career Services

Career Consultants for Master's and PhD Students

Undergraduate Career Services

Career Counselors for Undergraduate Students (by College)

Industry-Focused Career Counselors

Strategic Affiliates

Campus Partners