Faculty and Administrator Use of Handshake

The Meruelo Family Center for Career Development offers University faculty and administrators an account for access to Handshake, our online recruiting platform.

The intent of providing you access is to assist you with supporting students in the career development process and with academic advising. You are not authorized to use Handshake for any other purpose.

As a student-focused platform, Handshake does not currently offer a specific "faculty" status option. Instead, you will be prompted to select freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, masters, or doctorate for your "school year." We advise you to complete this portion of your profile with your students in mind. For example, if you primarily advise first year students, you may want to select your school year as "freshman" so the system will display events and content relevant to that audience. As Handshake continues to evolve, we will continue to share best practices with faculty and staff. 

As referenced above, there is no testing environment in Handshake. You will have a live student account. As such, you will have access to the system exactly the same as a student (e.g. search for job postings, apply for jobs, schedule an appointment with a career counselor, view campus events, career fairs etc.). Please know that your account configuration allows you to apply for positions, submit a resume, RSVP for events, etc.  While you are welcome to research employers, view jobs, and see what events are scheduled, please do not interact with the system (i.e. please do not apply for jobs, RSVP for events, attempt to schedule an appointment, etc.).

Handshake offers three different levels of privacy:

  • Private:  Employers and other students cannot view your name or profile. 
  • Employers:  Only you and employers can search for and view your profile.
  • Community: Your profile and name will be searchable by employers and students. We advise against making your profile public.

Instructions for activating your account

  1. Complete a brief form online
  2. A Career Development staff member will create your account within 2 business days. 
  3. Once your account is created, you will receive an email from Handshake to confirm your account. 
  4. Click on the link found in your email.
  5. The first screen will ask you to create a password. Please type a temporary password (12 characters with a letter, number, and symbol).
  6. The next screen will ask you to log in.  Click the “University of Notre Dame login” icon in the middle of the screen (not the alumni login).
  7. You will then be authenticated with your NetID and Notre Dame password via Okta authentication.  If you are able to log in successfully, you will no longer need the temporary password.
  8. After authentication, you will be offered three checkboxes. 
    • Please uncheck the “I want employers to be able to find and view my profile.” 
    • You may check or uncheck the second box about receiving messages, promotions, and offers. You are welcome to select either option.
    • You will be required to agree to the terms of service and privacy policy. 
  9. You will be asked a series of questions to activate your account.  This walk-through is how Handshake begins to build your profile and identify your interests so that the system’s artificial intelligence can be leveraged. You are welcome to complete whatever information you wish to share. You may also skip all of these items.
  10. After completing the walk-through, you are live.

Updating your profile

  • Keep your name as .TestFirst and .TestLast (e.g.  .TestJohn  .TestDoe).  This provides an added measure to identify your account as a faculty or administrator.  Additionally, the .Test format allows us to exclude your information from our analytics.
  • You are welcome to update your college, major, and school year (class level) at any time.
  • Please do not change your email address in Handshake. You must use your NetID@nd.edu format. Changing your email address will disable your account.

How to access Handshake after activation

When you are ready to log in, simply visit:  go.nd.edu/handshake
You will access the site using single sign-on.


If you have any questions, please contact us by calling 574-631-5200 or via email at careerdevelopment@nd.edu