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Skills are the foundation of your career success. Winter Session is an excellent opportunity to find the time to identify what skills you have strong competence in and those in which you would like to build more competence. Numerous self-directed resources, to conduct in your own time, are below to choose from.

Udemy & Percipio - Online Courses

Notre Dame is providing our students free access to two of the leading on-line virtual course sites, Udemy & Percipio.  These learning platforms provide fresh, relevant learning anytime, anywhere. High-quality, on-demand classes are taught by the world’s leading experts and thought leaders, covering a range of topics.  In addition to the ones listed below, students can also browse through the 5,000 classes and take any of interest to them.  Completed courses earn digital badges/certifications.

Sample courses (a course contains multiple classes):

  • All Things Google
  • Tableau
  • Website Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Business Analytics
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Data Science
  • Excel
  • Programming Languages: C, SQL, Python & R
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Foreign Languages
  • Marketing/Digital Marketing
  • Consulting Management
  • ...and many more!

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