EEND2021 Event Details


About the Event

Registration closed on July 6, and 184 professionals working in career centers and related offices have registered to participate in EEND2021. This event is designed specifically for higher education professionals with titles and/or job responsibilities which may include:

  • Employer Engagement (EE)
  • Employer Development (ED)
  • Employer Relations (ER)

The Networking Day is intended to :

  • Facilitate connections among employer engagement staff to build professional networks
  • Help employer engagement staff learn about best practices to build recruiting relationships with employers

Event Schedule

This virtual networking event will be held on Zoom on:

Wednesday, July 7
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM EDT



Please keep in mind the following:

  • This event was created to support career center professionals whose primarily responsibility is working with EE/ER/ED. We recognize that many staff working in higher education have multiple job responsibilities. As such, the event will include many professionals with different work responsibilities -- some have EE/ER/ED as a primary responsibility while other staff have employer interactions as a secondary responsibility. Everyone who participates is expected to have EE/ER/ED as part of their position responsibilities.  
  • This is not an event where you will be networking with employers.
  • This is not a networking event where the focus of conversations is career counseling/coaching. This networking event is designed to help foster conversations around advancing hiring through work with employers. 
  • There is no need to dress up for this event. Casual dress is fine.

Preparing for Conversations

  • Conversations will only be as productive you as make them.  Please be prepared to bring questions and please be prepared to share your experiences.
  • Our goal is to offer as many opportunities as possible for you to meet with colleagues.  As such, networking sessions are brief.  Please be mindful not to be "that person" who monopolizes the time.  Please allow others adequate time to introduce themselves and share information.
  • Participants will serve as facilitators in each breakout room.  We will do our best to help identify facilitators in advance. Due to the size of the group and the random assignment of some breakout rooms, there may not be a designated facilitator in every breakout room. Please be patient and, if needed, work on your facilitation skills!
  • In order to foster a safe space for transparent conversations, we will not be recording sessions.  Please be prepared to take notes on anything important that is discussed.
  • On June 18, we will send you a brief form to ask your preferences for which sessions you find most interesting. While your interest shared on this form does not commit you to a particular session, we will structure the schedule according to preferences.

Technical Considerations

  • Please make sure you have the latest version of Zoom installed on your computer.
  • Please plan to stay on audio mute until you need to speak.  We encourage you to keep your video camera on at all times when in sessions.
  • To make the sessions as interactive and efficient as possible, we encourage you to learn how to use polls and the annotate feature in share screen mode in Zoom.

Session Format

Unless otherwise stated, here is how each session will work with Zoom.

  1. Participants find the Zoom link on the Schedule of Events page.
  2. Everyone joins the Zoom link on time.
  3. A Notre Dame staff member will be in each Zoom session to assess the number of participants who show up in the session.
    1. If the number of participants is small enough, the conversation will stay in the main Zoom room.
    2. If there are too many participants in the Zoom room to have productive conversations, the ND staff member will create an appropriate number of breakout rooms and participants will be randomly assigned to a breakout room (note: the random assignment will speed up getting everyone into a breakout room).
  4. If a participant believes they are not in a room which is conducive for them (e.g. another representative from your office is already in the room), the participant can self-select to "leave" the room and return to the lobby. ND staff can help re-assign the participant to another breakout room.
  5. Participants will be asked to keep track of time so that we can stay on schedule.

Participant Directory

Interested to see who else will be attending?  A list of participants can be found on this Google Sheet